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In Memory of My Ancestors Who Served in the Military

Red lettering is for my maternal ancestors. Blue is for my paternal ancestors.

This list does not include all my patriotic uncles, aunts, cousins, in-laws and others who also served, only those who were my direct ancestors.

Note that the ranks listed are the highest they achieved. It may not have been their rank during the war / conflict in which they served.

Colonel Insignia

John George (c1603-1679). Colonel, Isle of Wight Co., VA Militia. Served during Bacon's Rebellion.
John Pemberton (1742-1813). Colonel, Sullivan Co., TN Militia. Served in American Revolution, Battle of King's Mountain.

Major insignia

William Cathey (c1755-1812). Major, American Revolution.
George Fawdon (c1600-1655). Major, Isle of Wight Co., VA Militia.
Pugh Floyd (1791-1876). Major. War of 1812.

Captain insignia

Jacob Baker (c1760-c1840s). Captain, Ashe Co., NC Militia.
Mathias Carpenter (1752-1835). Captain, Surry Co. NC Militia.
James Jordan George (1761-1824). Captain, Sullivan Co., TN Militia.
Samuel Patterson (1805-1879). Captain. 1838, Civil War (CSA).
William H. Moore (c1726-1812). Captain. American Revolution.
Richard Murphy (c1730-aft 1810). Captain. American Revolution (Tory).

Lieutenant Insignia

James George (c1734-1799). Lieutenant, Pittsylvania Co., VA Militia.
Lafayette George (1830-1864). Lieutenant, Civil War (CSA). Died in service.
William Sams (c1755-1825). 2nd Lieutenant, American Revolution.

Sergeant Insignia

Edward Carter (1761-1838). Sergeant, American Revolution.
Charles N. George (1791-1869). Sergeant, War of 1812 and Civil War (CSA).
William Grant (c1725-1795). Sergeant, American Revolution.
Marty Grant. Sergeant, US Air Force (1984-1988), SSgt, USAFR (1988-1990)
Karla Mangus Grant. Sergeant, US Air Force (1983-1987), SSgt, USAFR (1987-1989)

Corporal Insignia

William Carpenter (1830-1885). 1st Corporal, Civil War (CSA).

Private Insignia

Andrew Bryson (1752-1835), Private, American Revolution.
Alva Gabriel Campbell (1916-1980). Private, US Army, World War II.
Ebenezer Campbell (1828-1907). Private, Civil War (CSA).
Jonathan Curtis (1747-1834). Private, American Revolution.
William Davis (1730s-1841). Private, American Revolution.
David Edwards (1764-1839). Private, American Revolution.
Charles Noten George (1890-1952). Private, US Army, World War I.
Garland Samuel Grant (1922-2000). Private, US Army, World War II.
John Patton Grant (1845-1917). Private, Civil War (CSA).
Thomas M. Henderson (1834-1909). Private, Civil War (CSA and USA).
Samuel Hensley (1801-1852). Private, Monroe Co., TN Militia.
Allen Warin Johnson (1826-1865). Private, Civil War (CSA). Died in service?
Benjamin Johnson (c1775-1825). Private, War of 1812.
Carey Johnson (1820-1900). Private, Civil War (CSA).
Robert Johnson (1759-1849). Private, American Revolution.
Alexander Lane (1787-1858). Private, War of 1812.
Osborne Lane (c1750-1840). Private? American Revolution (Tory).
Burt Moore (1756-1836). Private, American Revolution.
Carroll Moore Patterson (1832-1914). Private, Civil War (CSA and USA).
Jacob Jackson Waters (1842-1923). Private, Civil War (CSA).